Hi, fellow FreeDOS users! I need your help.

I have an original Intel 80486 with 50 MHz that I want to try FreeDOS 
on. I still haven't found the time so far an my first attempt came to an 
early halt because I couldn't get an installation media to start on this 

*) The 486-PC doesn't have a CD-ROM drive.

*) The 486-PC doesn't have USB.

*) I cannot easily create a 3.5 inch boot floppy to use it in the 486-PC.

What I can do thou is plug the IDE HDD into another PC and pre-load 
FreeDOS there. Then, connecting the IDE HDD inside the 486-PC, FreeDOS 
should start.

The Question:

1) Does the installer check the hardware and make choices? If so, this 
would be totally wrong since I will be preloading it on a very different PC.

2) Can I install something like the installation environment itself?

3) The outcome should be that it boots on the 486-PC and starts the 
installer from there, to create all necessary CONFIG.SYS and 
AUTOEXEC.BAT entries and to select the software to be installed. The 
installer files may remain as capacity is not a factor on this HDD anyhow.

Has this been done before? And how would I do it?

Help highly appreciated!



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