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> Some Windows users like using utilities like Rufus ( https://rufus.akeo.ie )
> to create their bootable USB media. But, as a non-Windows user, I don’t know 
> much about it.

As a lowly end user, I haven't deployed lots of Windows copies to
devices. So I'm out of the loop.

A quick search shows this (for installing Windows from USB drive):


Also, NetBSD 7.1 was apparently just released, and they have some
tools, e.g. both Rawrite (DOS) and Rawr32 (Windows):


There's even a page for Rawrite32 (Windows, VS2015, "2-clause BSD"),
which I just assume is the same tool:


Not sure where old "Rawrite/NT" (Win32) is officially hosted, I don't
remember where I found it. A quick check shows that even Slackware
(ZipSlack 11) had it (or one similar, at least; GPL), and it seems to
have been written in Delphi!


Okay, so there's another old "NT" port (in C, GPL) on iBiblio:


Hmm, okay, some of these are probably?? floppy only, but at least the
NetBSD one explicitly says "Rawrite32 is a tool to prepare disks or
other removeable media, especially USB memory sticks, from files
called file system images".

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