Hi Dennis,

> The 486 that I plan to use FreeDOS on currently‎ has MS-DOS 6.22 as
> its only OS. My plan is to completely replace it but keep all my
> installed programs. The SCSI drivers are all in C:\SCSI and I notice
> FreeDOS has its own equivalent of MSCDEX.EXE.

Well in that case, you can simply use the existing DOS SCSI
and CDROM drivers :-) You can even keep MSCDEX until you get
used to SHSUCDX later... And you can use your existing lines
from autoexec and config for the autoexec and (fd-) config
of FreeDOS. Only if you were using the MS DOS config sys
MENU system, you will have to change some things - syntax
for menus works in a different way in FreeDOS.

Maybe Jerome and Rugxulo can give some hints about how to
tell the installer to only install FreeDOS to the existing
C: drive of your MS DOS PC without damaging other programs.

Even then, it is always very good to have a backup of all
files before updating. So if anything goes wrong, you can
use the backups to repair the damage :-)

Regards, Eric

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