A backup on the same disk but different partitions
does not really help you if things go really wrong,
but as you say, data loss would be no real problem
for you... You should probably backup at least the
DOS SCSI drivers though ;-) Jerome also mentioned
the drivers as being the most backup worthy files.

As Jerome wrote, you can simply install to C:\FDOS
and leave most of the rest of C: and D: unharmed.
Outside the FDOS directory, only the config files
(autoexec / config / fdconfig / similar) and boot
files (kernel, maybe command) in the root directory
of C:\ and the boot sector should get overwritten,
not much else to worry about UNLESS you format or
fdisk... In which case everything would be gone.

As you already have some DOS (here: MS DOS) on the
PC, I agree with Jerome that "not booted update" is
worth a trying for a "smoother" change to FreeDOS.

I disagree about FreeDOS being "not ready yet" or
"no advantage to MS DOS". Examples of advantages:

Several drivers are smaller in RAM compared to MS
DOS versions, FreeDOS supports FAT32 and LBA :-)

In particular, this means that you can (if your
BIOS is not too old) harddisks up to 2 TB size
and partitions of many GB size without problems.

Regards, Eric

> My internal hard drive is partitioned into C and D drives. The entire
> contents of the C:\DOS directory is backed up on drive D. I also have
> an MS-DOS boot disk that includes my current autoexec.bat and
> config.sys files.

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