i am looking for FreeDOS versions BACKUP & RESTORE program, but i do not
found these programs.

After hours of searching i found only 2 html documents.

The first is "brusrman.htm" in directory dos/restore. It is the manual
with usage and messages for these 2 Free-DOS programs.

The second is "brtecdoc.htm" also found in directory dos/backup. There
format of backup files are described.
Furthermore there is written that BACKUP and RESTORE for Free DOS are
written in Borland C++ 3.1 and Turbo C++ 3.0.
According to that document first public release by Ralf Quint for the
FreeDOS project is done at 2000/05/07.

But i do not found program executables or source files.
Does anyone knows if and/or where these FreeDos programs/sources can be
I do want to have answers like download MS DOS x.y and use that version.
This is not what i want.

Thanks for hints.
Jörg Jenderek
Jörg Jenderek

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