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On Mon, Nov 7, 2016 at 6:28 AM, Sz+agy|-nyi G|ibor <>
> Hi FreeDOS users!
> I would like to use pendrive and USB floppy drive under freedos.

Heck, let me just save you the trouble and paraphrase the local cynic:
"It won't work. Just use Linux." (He's 90% right, USB is a complex
mess that DOS just isn't very good at. But hey, I'll try to give you
some minimal hope, too.)

Floppies (which are limited in size, usually 1.44 MB) are very
obsolete in lieu of so-called "pen drives" (which are many GBs in size
these days). You probably don't "need" both (unless you have lots of
old software only on physical floppy).

Having said that, USB floppy drive should automatically work (thanks
to the BIOS). I have one, it works fine (although I haven't used it
lately). Of course, I don't have any UEFI machines, so I don't know
how those would behave.

Pen drive? You may get quasi-"hard drive" support if you insert the
pen drive before booting (again, thanks to the BIOS). But you can't
change the entire physical disk or eject it while running the OS.

> I found an old article about this.

Too old advice.

Bret Johnson wrote some nice "UHCI-only" USB drivers, so if you're
sure your machine supports that mechanism (doubt it), try these:

EDIT: Almost forgot about Georg Potthast's (shareware?) drivers:

> My question is: How can I use pendrive and USB mass storage drive under

Is "pendrive" not the same thing to you as "USB mass storage drive"?
Do you mean USB hard drive? You're going to have to be more specific
on exactly what devices you want supported.

But, then again, most likely it won't work like you expect. There
isn't much else supported. If you want Linux-level support, just use
Linux. (Sad but true.)

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