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> Hi, I was wondering if it were possible to disable the internal speaker of
> the pc through Freedos.

I don't normally think it's possible, no.

It's been a few years, but I vaguely remember some TSRs that tried to
(mostly) check for and disable beeping, but that doesn't always work

Overall, you might have to just disassemble the binary and nop out the
parts that "out" (write) to whatever port(s).

> The problem is I installed freedos for retrogaming
> on a 2008 acer laptop, dual booting it alongside ubuntu with grub2.
> Obviously there are no DOS drivers for my sound card, but I don't mind
> playing mute.

There is no good sound support overall, no. Sound is one of the
weakest links, sadly.

But you could try (shareware) QuickView, Mpxplay, Judas Player, or
Ruslan's drivers (ported to a few tools, e.g. ZDoom, HX, UHexen2).

> The problem now is that there are some games, especially older
> ones, which do not actually have a sound setup option, but they give input
> to the internal speaker by default.

Most PCs in the very old days didn't have anything better. Only later
did Adlib, SB, GUS, etc. become popular.

You can halfway play digital sounds via PC speaker, but it's a kludge.
(Wolfenstein 3D even has an undocumented config option for that.)

> As a result my pc ends up performing
> high pitched, loudy sounds, which is a real unpleasant, weird, embarassing
> thing when you try launching a game with someone around.

Some modern machines (e.g. my old 2007 laptop) "emulated" the PC
speaker *extremely* loudly. Best to just not play such problematic
games, or only play ones that allow you to disable sound (which some
thankfully do).

> I look forward to receiving some good tips
> Thank you very much for your cooperation

Don't get your hopes up too high.

(BTW, you can always instead run most games under DOSEMU or DOSBox or
similar, which presumably have better sound controls in the host OS,
e.g. GNU/Linux.)

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