from Jiri Wackermann:

I'm not an active user of FreeDOS, so I'm only
> a listener on this channel, just for curiosity.

> Regarding 'apropos' and 'whatis' and their relatives:
> these commands are related to manual pages, it's all
> Unix philosophy. If you have a Linux around, try

>         man whatis
> and
>         whatis whatis

> and you'll know everything. In my view, 'man'
> is much easier to use than 'info' (Linux).

I hate 'info' enough that I find it easier to go through an info file with 

There is a pinfo package that works much better than 'info' for going through 
an info file, but I don't know if it is available or buildable for DOS.

If you have KDE installed, Konqueror had a good way of viewing an info file, 
but Xorg and KDE are far above the capability of any DOS.


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