That only supports UHCI-type controllers. So USB is not well supported under DOS (due to heavy complexity).

Boo Hiss. Figures.

Although some (modern?) BIOSes can treat a jump drive as hard disk (but you can't hotswap / add+remove them, you have to reboot). Your PIII might not be new enough for that support, dunno.

I'm pretty sure not… It's not a big deal though (especially since that PC is not my sole PC) if USB isn't supported in FD, as long as the optical drive works, which it does, thankfully. Sure, a working USB port would be nice, but since it doesn't seem to be an option, no biggie.

(Stating the obvious: you may wish to try Linux [old ZipSlack? TinyCore? antiX?] or FreeBSD or similar for better USB access.

I already have another PC with Linux Mint installed on a much more modern BIOS (about 2 years old). USB on it works well (of course, its USB 2.0).

My PIII PC is simply a leftover PC that I resurrected from the closet & no longer used to put FD 1.1 on it as a way to be able to use the tons of Floppy software on it that I had on HD 3.5s.(I ran a BBS for about 10 years (until 1996) and amassed quite a collection of floppies.I even have some very old 360KB 5.25" floppies). Those were mostly from my pre-HD era.:)

Dual booting shouldn't be too hard.)

Not really, but that's something I usually don't consider.Nothing against it, it's just not for me unless, of course, it's a have-to case.

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