Hi all!

I'm having a problem reading Cds in FD (1.2, now) that I created (burned) on my Win 7 PC.

I don't understand why. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong, but what I'm doing wrong, I have no idea, hope someone can clue me as I'm completely clueless…

Here's what I did:

 * On my Win 7 PC, I made a FreeDOS folder in my dedicated
 * I downloaded a bunch of files into this folder from the FD site.
   (Making a mini-repository) (Even though there were a "bunch" of
   files, the total space used was only 57mb.)
 * I burned a CD of this folder onto a blank CD. (using Win explorer)
 * In Win Explorer, I chose the option to create a CD that would be
   readable in other CD drives VS. formatting a CD so as to make the CD
   act like a USB drive. (I believed this to be the correct choice)
 * I tested this CD , again using Win explorer, in Win 7. It tested as
 * When I load this CD into my FD PC, I get the error were I can
   R)etry, F)ail, or A)bort.
 * When I load a commercially created CD, (either it came with some
   hardware or it was purchased) the CD is read just fine in FD.

Again, I'm baffled as to why this is happening... Thanx for your help with this.

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