Hi Jamie,

> I can't seem to get Windows 3.1 to run in 386 mode,
> is this a limitation for FreeDos?

Windows 3.1 and even more so Windows for Workgroups
3.11 are very picky in where they want to run if in
386enh mode. People HAVE managed to do this as far
as I remember, but you have to get ALL settings
and drivers exactly right. If you just run FreeDOS
inside a virtual machine on Linux, it is probably
a lot easier to run your Win3 programs using WINE.

In any case, you have to use either no or a closed
source EMM386 driver. I think MS, DR and IBM EMM386
and QEMM are supported, but not many others, as the
386 mode of Windows requires support for a special
takeover protocol called GEMMIS. Also, you must not
let Windows see too much RAM. It crashes above 256
MB in default config and above 1 GB even if tuned,
as far as I remember. Disable the 386enh low level
disk driver if you have a modern system with LBA,
FAT32 and other things which might confuse Win 3.x
and check the web for more instructions... Maybe
you can start by telling a bit more about your PC
or VM and some other details such as drivers :-)

I think there are a few experienced Windows fans
on this list who can give you more specific hints.

Regards, Eric

PS: If you run Windows in FreeDOS in DOSEMU, things
may be a bit easier. DOSEMU can push Windows to use
protected mode infrastructure controlled by DOSEMU,
rather than using raw RAM or special EMM386, I think.

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