On Mar 25 2020 01:36, Rugxulo wrote:
> I heard that XP was designed to get to the desktop in 30 secs. Not
> necessarily responsive nor able to be used just yet, but at least it
> would show up (in optimal conditions). Of course, that was P3/P4
> (single core) era.
> Of course, nowadays we have SSDs and other speedups, but it still
> varies due to many factors.

Fun fact...

I have an old Intel Celeron in my cellar, a gift from a friend. It has a
CPU that is 64-bit capable, so it must be Core 2 technology. It is from
~2006/2007 or so? It originally ran Windows XP, so I tested it with
Windows 7 and 10, but it wasn't worth the effort. Too slow.

After reinstalling Windows XP SP3 with all the updates, it still felt
somewhat sluggish, not responsive without a short delay. So I left it.

Somewhat later I wanted to test an old game that required Windows 2000
or XP, but somehow wasn't working on my setup. So I performed a clean
installation of Windows XP SP2.

The fun fact: Windows XP SP2 on this 2007-machine with 4 GB RAM and HDD
is up and running as fast as Windows 10 or Linux on my 2018 Ryzen with
32 GB RAM and SSD!


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