On 25/03/2020 14:07, ZB wrote:
On Wed, Mar 25, 2020 at 01:50:42PM +0100, Mateusz Viste wrote:

On 25/03/2020 12:28, userbeit...@abwesend.de wrote:
Afaik there is no Linux that will run with only 8 MB of RAM.

Extract from the Debian Buzz FAQ:

"Debian Linux can be installed on systems with only 4 MBytes of RAM. (...)
An 80386-based system with only 4 MBytes of RAM and 40 MBytes disk space has
been used to run Debian Linux in this way; i.e., both networking and basic
X11 server functions operated satisfactorily."

That was valid around 20 years ago... :D

Of course, that is why I am referring to Buzz. Now, why would anyone want to run a recent distribution on a 386? Linux distributions from 25 years ago work just as well as they did back then.


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