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> I’d love a place to learn more about Freedos and a place with
> articles for a beginner/entry. My dad who passed away used a program
> named IMAGE to make programs for CNC machining on Freedos. I myself
> have 0 knowledge when it comes to Freedos, I just know how to find the
> programs but I have no idea how to print them or transfer them. Would
> love an article/tutorial on basic commands and how to navigate.

I wrote a bunch of articles about how to use FreeDOS, including how to
navigate and use the basic command line tools. You can find them
collected in a series of free ebooks. (These are the most popular
articles about FreeDOS from Opensource.com, collected as ebooks.)

Here they are:

A guide to using FreeDOS

An advanced guide to FreeDOS internals

A guide to tips and tricks for C programming (on Linux and FreeDOS)

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