As I did with FD-KEYB, I am going to use GitLab solely to track the issues
and enhancement requests (and disregard SourceForge, in order to have only
one source of tickets).

So far I don't have any requested/identified any previous bug or
enhancement requests (except maybe #2, mentioned by Eric Auer long time
ago), so I have created the tickets that I had as possible enhancements

Issues · FreeDOS Archive / Base / display · GitLab

Of course, the list is open to anyone that wants to file any bug or
enhancement request. Please note that I don't have tools to create or
repair CPI/CPX files. Enhancement requests and bugs on these, should be
addressed to these, and not DISPLAY itself.

As with FD-KEYB, in the unlikely event that the lack of these features may
be causing trouble to someone, I may give a try to implement them.
Otherwise, the next milestone for FD-DISPLAY would be to be turned into a
device driver, implementing the true IOCTL calls to the CON driver.

The reason is not only having an implementation more similar to MS-DOS, but
also that it should ease NLSFUNC implementation, which should just loop on
character devices issuing IOCTL calls.

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