That's great info! I glad to see so many getting use ouf of old hardware. I, myself, have a whole load of old hardware. You all have given me the stimulus to see what I can do with it. In particular I have a T40 and, perhaps more interesting, A Compaq Portable III.

I even have, in a flip-top jewel case, a 5-1/4" floppy + manual for a strange little app called Microsoft Access. It's not much use now because it was an app to use your 300 baud modem to make airline reservations. I guess MS (the evil empire) liked the name :)

Thank you all for satisfying my curiosity


On 7/24/23 7:37 PM, Bryan Kilgallin via Freedos-user wrote:
Hi Dan:

What are others using freedos for: business, curiosity, running retro games and apps for fun, to avoid total dependence on the evil empire, or something else?

I have an ancient heart rate monitor. Its computer interface uses DOS software via a serial port!

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