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> I'm making a FreeDOS "2024" calendar, and looking for suggestions of
> what screenshots to include in it. Any ideas?
> Looking for suggestions of what screenshots you think would be great
> to have in the calendar.

RHIDE, based upon SETedit, still looks quite nice to me. Or GNU Emacs
(DJGPP port).

You were also always fond of Commander Keen, and I think BioMenace
used one of the same engines. (I do have a screenshot of that game's
menu screen running under DOSBox-X atop FreeDOS also showing the
DOSBox-X menu.)

I don't know, boring cmdline stuff isn't quite photogenic! But I'd
rather it wasn't all just games either (although Paku Paku is pretty
iconic, 160x100 CGA text mode, right?).

Maybe a Links2 (graphical) screenshot of the FreeDOS website?

> Also: Any important FreeDOS-related or DOS-related or "classic
> PC"-related dates that you think should be marked on the calendar?

June 29 for the start of FreeDOS? Or maybe Sep. 3 for the big FreeDOS
1.0 release?

In terms of DOS history, I mainly think in years. E.g. Free Pascal
3.0.0 (now with cross compiler support for i8086-msdos) was released
in 2015. So was DJGPP 2.05.

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