Hi Mercury and Jerome,

I typically do modify the times to reflect the version number. Of
course that's not necessary by any means, but it's a habit I started
doing as a quick and easy contingency to help me in the event of files
becoming crossed, e.g. if I were to accidentally drop files into the
wrong version folder or some such errantry.

Is the preferred behavior to not touch the times? If so, I can
certainly refrain from doing so in future packages. :)

Please preserve the timestamps of the original ZIP content.

Good to know that Jerome has a tool for that, bad enough
that GIT defaults to break timestamps without that tool?
When handling files outside GIT, timestamps stay as-is.

As you already add the LSM file, the handling date is
preserved as timestamp of the LSM in the ZIP. You can
even use ZIP -o to make the timestamp of the ZIP itself
match the timestamp of the newest file inside the ZIP.

In addition, I would still love the "release-cli" of
our GITLAB repository to create actual release notes.

At the moment, I only see WHICH packages got updated
when, but need manual "research" to find out WHY.

Regards, Eric

PS: I think DJGPP should stay available as separate download.
Most OTHER compilers are small enough to stay on the main CD.

(https://github.com/Baron-von-Riedesel/HimemX/releases) was released
Nov 21, 2022 and has file contents like this:

$ unzip -l HimemX338.zip
Archive: HimemX338.zip
Length Date Time Name
--------- ---------- ----- ----
6056 11-21-2022 13:01 HimemX.exe
6056 11-21-2022 13:01 HimemX2.exe
1954 04-16-2020 06:38 Readme.txt
4871 11-21-2022 13:01 History.txt
81855 11-21-2022 13:01 HimemX.asm
296 03-24-2020 01:56 Make.bat
529 03-24-2020 01:58 Makefile
--------- -------
101617 7 files

It looks like you modify the zip files when you mirror them. Your
version looks like this:

$ unzip -l 3.38/himemx338.zip
Archive: 3.38/himemx338.zip
Length Date Time Name
--------- ---------- ----- ----
0 09-23-2023 03:38 APPINFO/
568 09-23-2023 03:38 APPINFO/HIMEMX.LSM
0 09-23-2023 03:38 BIN/
6056 09-23-2023 03:38 BIN/HIMEMX.EXE

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