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Joe> • Document a way (if there is one) that users can tell applications
Joe>   to use this font with a smaller vertical line spacing.

Since xterm allows one to specify a client-side font with a full
fontcofig pattern, you can try adding »:minspace=true« to the pattern.

libXft’s behavior changes with that flag:

,----[ from libXft/src/xftfreetype.c ]
|         if (fi->minspace)
|             height = ascent + descent;
|         else
|             height = face->size->metrics.height >> 6;

The >>6 is for conversion from freetype's 26.6 bit fixed point value to
an integer value, and metrics.height is specified in the font.

I currently use these forms for various programs:

  DejaVu Sans Mono-7.2:minspace=true
  DejaVu Sans Mono:pixelsize=13:minspace=true

(those two give the same results on my (not-quite-ancient) 133dpi laptop).

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