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Hello, Tae Wong,

If I understand you correctly, you are referring to the *names* of
glyphs in the font, as
opposed to their encoding.

Yes, that is how I interpreted it also

It is true that sometimes uppercase hex digits are used and sometimes lowercase.
That could be considered aesthetically displeasing, but usually I
don't regard any reasonable name for a glyph as a *bug*

According to http://sourceforge.net/adobe/aglfn/wiki/AGL%20Specification/ uni names must use uppercase digits to be recognized as representing a Unicode character.

-- our policy is that glyphs in a Unicode font
must be referred to *only* by their Unicode encoding, and that the
name is *only* for human consumption.

Bad assumption, imo. Certain PDF generators will result in PDF files that do not include the Unicode text data, and if someone wants to "copy and paste" from such PDFs then Reader (or whatever) uses the glyph names to deduce the original character string. In this case, "uni" names with lower case won't be recognized.

I'd say use of lower case is a bug.


Bob Hallissy

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