Hello Subscribers,
the GNU FreeFont is a very big work, thanks for that.
I have a little note about the Unicode Block Mathematical Alphanumeric
Symbols (U+1D400 - U+1D7FF). The characters for script normal and script
bold appear to be swapped. Script normal looks thicker than script bold.
Script bold is normal and script normal is bold.
Script normal: 1D49C - 1D4CF
Script bold: 1D4D0 - 1D503
I had trouble with the script normal/bold character sets in the
Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols block when creating a table in
OpenOffice Calc. The caption was wrong. I must have got this mistake
somewhere on the internet. If I recall correctly it was somewhere in
Wikipedia, possibly on the German Wikipedia. But since in the GNU
FrreFont script normal looks to bold and script bold to normal, I did
not notice. During a review, I found the original in a PDF at
Unicode.org. In the PDF it is correct, in the GNU FreeFont not optimal.
Goodbyte, Volka Polka

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