Hi folks!

I´m looking for a "piece of software" to visualize some flood/water level 
sensor data on a simple map and project it to a big screen in our central  

This data renderer should manage the following things/features:
 - display simple vector and raster layers which come from formats like Shape, 
GML, KML, GeoTIFF, and so on. (BTW: PostGIS and so on isn´t needed because we 
are not able to offer a distaster proof geodatabase environment)
 - fetch some sensor data from another (disaster proof because it´s the sensor 
network) ODBC Database Connection 
 - perhaps some simple navigation tools for zooming in and out and panning 
 - refresh the map display automagically every, let´s say, 10 seconds

I thought of a local install of UMN Mapserver and a simple but self refreshing 
Webclient which connects to the UMN on localhost, but perhaps you have much 
better ideas?

I´ll be grateful for every small idea, thanks a lot in advance.


Jürgen Zornig

Provincial Government of lower austria
Dept. for hydrology and geoinformatics
Landhausplatz 1, Haus 13, Zi. 13.207
A-3109 St. Poelten/Austria


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