Travis CI got updated and broke our builds with IPv6 issue:


12-12 17:59 ipadocker.command INFO     Executing command:
ipa-server-install -U --domain ipa.test --realm IPA.TEST -p Secret123 -a
Secret123 --setup-dns --setup-kra --auto-forwarders
ipapython.admintool: ERROR    IPv6 stack is enabled in the kernel but
there is no interface that has ::1 address assigned. Add ::1 address
resolution to 'lo' interface. You might need to enable IPv6 on the
interface 'lo' in sysctl.conf.
ipapython.admintool: ERROR    The ipa-server-install command failed. See
/var/log/ipaserver-install.log for more information
Checking DNS domain ipa.test, please wait ...
12-12 17:59 ipadocker.cli ERROR    Command ipa-server-install -U
--domain ipa.test --realm IPA.TEST -p Secret123 -a Secret123 --setup-dns
--setup-kra --auto-forwarders failed (exit code 1)

The broken job has an info box saying:

This job ran on our Trusty environment, which has been updated on
Monday, December 11th, 2017. Read all about this on our blog and take
note that you can add group: deprecated-2017Q4 in your .travis.yml file
to use the previous image version.


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