I just noticed a problem when trying to create an F11 IPA virtual machine in our virtlab. I happened to be using the profile Fedora-11-i386-freeipa.

The cobbler install pauses because it can't find the fedora-ds-* packages. That makes sense (possibly) because the packages are now 389-ds-*

But I happened to notice, and Nathan confirmed the F11 repo has both fedora-ds and 389-ds. I'm presuming 389-ds obsoletes fedora-ds but fedora-ds continues to live in the repo because if someone initially installed fedora-ds in F11 then a yum upgrade won't automatically move them over to 389-ds. Does anybody know if that's true?

Anyway I'm confused, if both fedora-ds and 389-ds are in the F11 repo why did the kickstart fail to find fedora-ds?

Should we edit the profiles to change fedora-ds to 389-ds on F11 and rawhide? I found the profiles on gordo but I didn't want touch them yet.

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