Jason Gerard DeRose wrote:
Okay, finally here is the revised webui patch.  Since the last version,

 * Ported to various API changed between wehjit 0.0.1 and 0.1.0

 * Removed the session.py stuff, which will be in a separate patch

 * Added the plugin browser to help developers inspect the plugins

The webui is still in a similar "dumb" state till I extend various
meta-data in ipalib, which I will work on this week and will quickly get
the UI into a more impressive state.  I just can't let this patch get
any larger... stop the madness!  ;)  There currently isn't a top-level
webui-page at /ipa/ui, but pages exist for each command plugin,
i.e., /ipa/ui/user_add

This patch is big, but tries to be non-intrusive: the new webui stuff
only runs from the new lite-server.py script, not for the installed
version running under Apache.  As far as I know, no existing
functionality is disrupted by this patch.  After making the meta-data
changes, I will enable the new functionality under Apache also.

I hope everyone will find the plugin-browser quite helpful.  To run it,
launch lite-server.py like this:


And then point your browser to:

All plugins in all namespaces are available in the browser, but details
are currently only available for the Command and Object namespaces.  I
will also soon add an easy way to render the plugin browser to static
pages to put on freeipa.org.

This patch requires python-wehjit and python-assets, which are in
Fedora12 and rawhide.  Or you can install from tarballs here:



A couple of weekends ago I also packaged assets and wehjit for
Debian/Ubuntu.  Karmic packages are available in my PPA:


Sorry the patch is so large, subsequent ones wont be.



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