On 10/26/2010 02:08 PM, Simo Sorce wrote:
On Tue, 26 Oct 2010 13:40:11 -0400
Adam Young<ayo...@redhat.com>  wrote:

We've been doing this informally for a while, and I think, if we all
agree to the format, it will help keep track of patches, ACKs, and

1.  Patch naming
Example patch name:

Format:  username-project-seq[-update]-description.extension

username:  Your Fedora account name.
project name:   always 'freeeipa'
Are these really necessary ?
We have the name of the author in the patch anyway, and freeipa
(with 2 'e's not 3 :-P) seem really redundant.

Otherwise, we get into a conflict over who''s patch 519 it is, and we have no way to order it.

We've had enough issues where patch 11 requires patch 10 that it is just cleaner to try to apply all patches from a given developer in order.

I have a simple script that does the rename. John Dennis has a more extensive one. We can make this easy for you.


Bottomline I am lazy and would prefer not to have to rename patches
after git format-patch creates them.

So I'd like to understand the rationale for this format.
After all we always send patches as attachments to emails, where we can
explain what is going on.

seq:  sequnece number.  please try to not skip numbers, as we will
use this number to ensure all patches from a given contributor get
reviewed. update.  If a patch requires modifications and additional
prior to submisiion, append a number starting at 2 and increasing by
one for each update.  Thus, if the above patch required additional
changes, the first would be:
      and then

description:  This is the first line of the git commit, and should be
less than six words long (idealy two or three).  git format patch
will translate this line into the subject of the patch, with hyphens
replacing the whitespace.

extension:  always .patch

2. Patch format:
All patches should be in format to apply with
       'git am'.
This is produced from a git repository using the command
     'git format-patch'

If a patch addresses a ticket in Trac, the second line of the commit
should be the URL to track with the Ticket number.  For example:
This part is worth, but I think we should require only the bug number
and have the full URL as a nice optional.
I just copy and paste from the browser. It does make it clear whether we are talking about Trac or Bugzilla.


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