I've been thinking about the concept of mapping CLI attributes to LDAP 
attributes (ticket #447) and I'd like to get a second opinion.

The most simple solution would be to add this functionality to existing help. 
For the sake of lucidity, it should be hidden by default. To achieve this a 
new parameter (e.g. --fullhelp) would be created. The question now is if this 
approach is suitable for WebUI and whether it is even needed for WebUI.

Another approach might be to create new command, e.g. mapping-show, which 
would take one argument - either name of LDAP object for which we want to show 
all mappings or (better) directly a command. Here are examples how it could be 
ipa mapping-show user        / ipa mapping-show user-add
ipa mapping-show hbacrule / ipa mapping-show hbacrule-add

So these are my ideas. Some questions? Comments? Other ideas? I welcome any 

Thank you
Jan Zeleny

Red Hat Software Engineer
Brno, Czech Republic

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