Rob Crittenden wrote:
This started as a problem in allowing leading/trailing whitespaces on
primary keys. In nearly every command other than add query is True so
all rules were ignored on the primary key. This meant that to enforce
whitespace we would need to define a validator for each one.

I decided instead to set self.all_rules to just the class rules if query
== True. So the minimum set of validators will be executed against each
type but param-specific validators will only run on add.

I talked to Martin about this a bit this morning. My original intention
was to make some pretty invasive changes related to query and he talked
me out of them. He felt that in anything other than an add the
validators shouldn't be run. We compromised on letting Paramter-specific
validators be run.

This has pretty big implications on primary keys so test carefully.


self-NACK, found a problem.


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