On Mon, 14 Nov 2011, Martin Kosek wrote:
> Tests are now OK, there were a lot of errors related to permissions and
> hosts (--random was always on).
> I was also thinking if the encoding step shouldn't be done as late as
> possible, i.e. after plugin's pre_callbacks, right before LDAP is
> called. Now, we do encoding right in the beginning of command processing
> and therefore plugin pre_callback already see the encoded values.
> If we choose the late-encoding change, we would have to add the encoding
> step before every LDAP call in baseldap.py or even before custom LDAP
> calls in user plugins when execute() is overloaded - or write a wrapper
> for the LDAP calls. That's why I rather chose the proposed solution.
I don't like it but on further thinking it seems to unavoidable.
One minor suggestion is to select more descriptive name because 
'attribute' and 'noattribute' are confusing, to say at least.

Or maybe we should document them better? Right now there is no 
documentation for a majority of those flags.

/ Alexander Bokovoy

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