On Tue, 15 Nov 2011, Martin Kosek wrote:
> > Or maybe we should document them better? Right now there is no 
> > documentation for a majority of those flags.
> > 
> I renamed it to 'virtual_attribute' (as an opposite to physical LDAP
> attribute), I hope it makes more sense.
> You are right that we miss a documentation for most of Param attributes
> and classes which may confuse especially newcomers to FreeIPA project. I
> added a quick overview to Param class doc.
ACK for the bulk of changes except API.txt. I know, it is 
autogenerated but can we do something with API.txt to not leak 
attributes that make no difference to the client side? For example, 
the fact that certain param is virtual or LDAP attribute is irrelevant 
on the client side, so maybe this detail could be ignored in API.txt?

We've raised this topic before regarding label names changes which 
force API break as well but as this patch shows, we'll get a lot of 
trouble on compatibility without filtering the attributes that don't 
really matter on the client side...
/ Alexander Bokovoy

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