Hello all,

In a scope of ticket 2511 I would like to implement an ability to
delegate a DNS update permissions to chosen user (or host) without
having to give the user full "Update DNS Entries" privileges, i.e. allow
him to modify any DNS zone or record.

So far, this is what I would like to do (comments welcome):

1) Create new objectclass "idnsManagedZone" with "managedBy" attribute
in MAY list
2) Create new DNS commands:
  a] dnszone-add-managedby [--users=USERS] [--hosts=HOSTS]
  b] dnszone-remove-managedby [--users=USERS] [--hosts=HOSTS]
  - these commands would add/remove chosen user/host DN to managedBy
attribute in chosen DNS zone
3) Add new generic ACIs to cn=dns,$SUFFIX:
aci: (target = "ldap:///idnsname=*,cn=dns,$SUFFIX";)(version 3.0;acl
"Users and hosts can add DNS entries";allow (add) userattr =
... add similar ACIs for UPDATE, REMOVE access

With these steps done, all that an administrator would need to do to
delegate a management of a DNS zone "example.com" is to run this
$ ipa dnszone-add-managedby example.com --users=fbar

The only downside I found so far is that the user would already need to
have "Read DNS Entries" permission assigned, otherwise he would not be
able to actually read DNS entries (allow rules can't take precedence
over deny rule we implemented to deny public access to DNS tree).

An admin could of course create a special privilege and role with just
"Read DNS Entries" permission and then assign it to relevant
users/groups, but this looks awkward. Any idea to make this simpler?
Maybe creating a group "dns readers" by default which would allow such


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