On 07/26/2012 10:57 AM, Petr Viktorin wrote:
On 07/26/2012 03:49 PM, Petr Viktorin wrote:
On 07/26/2012 10:17 AM, Petr Viktorin wrote:
Update the pot to match current source, and pull translations from

Warning: when this patch is pushed, the source strings on Transifex will
update. The old versions will be lost from the site.

The patch is quite large (>5MB), so I haven't attached it here (should
I?). Please download it from

NACK. I forgot to validate the messages, so some messages might cause
exceptions when used.

Validation found a few bad messages in Spanish, and one in Tajik. I've
corrected obvious errors; in two cases I wasn't sure how to fix so I've
removed the translation.
Attaching my fixes for reference.

The new patch is here:

We should also change these on Transifex.
I assume maintainers can edit all translations. John, could you give me
maintainer rights? My username there is EnCuKou.

ACK, the patch applied cleanly and all the validations passed. Please make sure any po files you manually edited have the same edits applied on TX otherwise the next time we pull we'll reintroduce the same problems.

FYI, the message stats after applying the patch are:

ipa.pot has 1872 messages. There are 13 po translation files.
bn_IN:      12/1872   0.6%  1860 untranslated,     0 fuzzy
de:         32/1872   1.7%  1840 untranslated,     0 fuzzy
es:        891/1872  47.6%   981 untranslated,     0 fuzzy
fr:       1635/1872  87.3%   237 untranslated,     0 fuzzy
id:         86/1872   4.6%  1786 untranslated,     0 fuzzy
ja:         34/1872   1.8%  1838 untranslated,     0 fuzzy
kn:        236/1872  12.6%  1636 untranslated,     0 fuzzy
nl:          1/1872   0.1%  1871 untranslated,     0 fuzzy
pl:        452/1872  24.1%  1420 untranslated,     0 fuzzy
ru:        368/1872  19.7%  1504 untranslated,     0 fuzzy
tg:        105/1872   5.6%  1767 untranslated,     0 fuzzy
uk:       1635/1872  87.3%   237 untranslated,     0 fuzzy
zh_CN:     130/1872   6.9%  1742 untranslated,     0 fuzzy

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