Hi all,

we plan to write a freeIPA configuration plugin for Asterisk, aiming to
be general and useful enough to be included in Fedora and EPEL, so we
would like to have your input on some issues before we write any code.

I wrote down the plans so far on this wiki page:


Basically we would like to know if:

      * It is ok to use cn=asterisk as the base object
      * The planned DIT, separating object per type and not per site, is
      * The whole stuff of using CoS as a mechanism to apply default
        values to every new object seems right

Another issue is that Asterisk SIP objects in real life are generally
associated with real people and with physical devices. 

The physical devices are configured with a piece of software called the
"endpoint manager", which could pull from the directory the data
required to generate the IP phones configuration. We have to choices
here. Store the IP phone extra data _with_ the Asterisk SIP object,
adding a ieee802device objectClass to the asteriskSIPuser object. The
other option is to store the ieee802device object separately in a more
appropriate part of the IPA tree and have it reference the SIP object
vía a "seeAlso" or "managedBy" attribute.

As for linking SIP users to real people, it would be great to link the
asteriskSIPuser object to an IPA user, but probably not all
organizations interested in this kind of functionality for Asterisk
would manage all of their users with IPA. What if the real user belongs
to a trusted directory, for example? So it seems that for simplicity's
sake we will have to store the name of the person using the phone in the
asteriskSIPuser description attribute.

Speaking of packaging, reading http://abbra.fedorapeople.org/guide.html
it doesn't seems clear to me how to have an extra category of
configuration pages added to the Web UI without modifying the main IPA
page. What is the proper way to add extra pages to the web UI ?  

Thanks in advance for your input!

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