On 12/03/2012 11:17 AM, Dmitri Pal wrote:
> On 12/03/2012 11:03 AM, Rob Crittenden wrote:
>> Petr Viktorin wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> Please take a while to comment on this proposal before I post it on the
>>> wiki.
>>> This is about user-visible changes I plan to make for #2652 (Framework
>>> for admin/install tool) -- consistent behavior will (in addition to not
>>> confusing users) enable the framework to do common work without too much
>>> special-casing.
>>> = Overview =
>>> The output, logging, and command-line options of our install/management
>>> tools are inconsistent. This RFE aims to clean up some of the
>>> inconsistency.
>>> Specifically it addresses:
>>> - Inconsistencies between console output and log files
>>> - Tools using either --verbose or --debug used for the same purpose
>>> And some collateral issues:
>>> - The --version option missing in some tools
>>> - The problem of e.g. an accidental ipa-server-install overwriting
>>> ipaserver-install.log by the useless message, "The server is already
>>> installed"
>>> This is part of [https://fedorahosted.org/freeipa/ticket/2652|#2652
>>> Framework for admin/install tools]
>>> = Design=
>>> Each command will have these command-line options (added automatically
>>> by the framework):
>>>    --version        show program's version number and exit
>>>    -h, --help       show the help message and exit
>>>    output and logging options:
>>>      -q, --quiet    Output only errors
>>>      -v, --verbose  Print debugging information
>>>      --log-file     (alternate) log file name
>>> The precise meanings of the output options are:
>>>    (nothing): print INFO-level messages and above to stderr
>>>    -q: only print ERROR-level messages and above to stderr
>>>    -v: print all messages to stderr, prefixed with severity level
>>> In all cases, if there is a log file, all messages go to it
>>> In commands that currently have it, the `-d, --debug` option will become
>>> a deprecated alias for --verbose.
>>> Note that this RFE only adds new options, so backwards compatibility is
>>> maintained.
>>> The tools will use the following log message severities:
>>> - CRITICAL for fatal errors
>>> - ERROR for critical things that the admin must see even in --quiet mode
>>> - WARNING for things that need to stand out in the log
>>> - INFO to display normal messages
>>> - DEBUG to spam about everything the program does
>>> - a plain print statement for things that should not be log, for
>>> interactive prompting should use the console and follow up with a DEBUG
>>> mentioning the final value
>>> The commands check their arguments and most do some validation and
>>> possible interactive prompting before doing any modification of the
>>> system. Since the system is not changed, the user can always re-run with
>>> --verbose if there are problems in this phase. Logging information from
>>> this phase to a file is useless.
>>> The file logging will start after the validation/prompting. The first
>>> logged message(s) will mention the command and options used.
>>> = Use Cases =
>>> User runs some /usr/sbin/ipa-* commands with the --help option to see
>>> that the logging-related options are the same in all of those programs.
>>> User runs an ipa-* command with the -q option to only see errors.
>>> User runs an ipa-* command (possibly with --log-file, if the command
>>> doesn't log by default), and later reviews the log file to find all
>>> relevant information.
>>> = Implementation =
>>> The RFE will be implemented gradually as new commands are ported to the
>>> framework.
>> Can you list exactly which commands you're targetting?
>> At least some (ipa-replica-manage, ipa-replica-prepare) don't have
>> logging but may still benefit from this structure. Did you have those
>> in mind as well?
>> It may be time to rewrite ipa-upgradeconfig too. It started as a
>> one-off and has grown considerably over the past year. It would
>> benefit from this as well (though other enhancements would be beyond
>> this scope).
> Would it affect ipa-server-install and ipa-client-install too?
> I agree with Rob explicitly listing the commands would be helpful.
> IMO creating a table of existing commands would be very beneficial.
> I see it with the following columns:
> Command     Version       Help             Quiet         Verbose        
> Log File     Release
> xyz         added         was there        added         was there      
> added        Pilsner
> abc         was there    was there        was there     was there      
> added        Pilsner
> klm         added         was there        added         was there      
> added        Other beer
> ...
> This (or similar) would allow QE to easily see what changed and when and
> how to adjust test cases.
> For doc it will also provide information needed.

It wrapped so let me try again:

Cmd Version Help  Quiet  Verbose  Log File  Release
xyz added   -     added  -        added     Pilsner
abc -       -     -      -        added     Pilsner
klm added   -     added  -        added     Other beer

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