On 25.7.2013 09:11, Petr Spacek wrote:
On 25.7.2013 09:03, Alexander Bokovoy wrote:
On Thu, 25 Jul 2013, Petr Spacek wrote:
On 24.7.2013 22:18, Tomas Babej wrote:

When converting the result obtained by python-ldap library,
we need to skip unresolved referral entries, since they cannot
be converted.


I'm not sure if a simple 'skip it' approach is the right one.
Shouldn't it
print/log a warning at least? Do you know all implications? Are you sure
that this will not break something else silently?

(BTW isn't the right approach to fix python-ldap? Or is it a quirk in
AD DC often answers with proper result and then several referrals to
other internal resources to complement the search if you are asking for
wide-open search (default). We are not interested in these referrals for
various reasons, including the fact that we are looking at the
authoritative DC and it has all the needed info.

At best, we could define an option that forces us doing referral chasing
to fetch remaining results but this is not something really needed right

I understand that we don't need referrals now, but the question is
'Could it break something? Silently? In the future?'.

E.g. the option 'follow referrals' (defaulting to False) is IMHO much
much better.

The point is that we don't need to implement referral chasing right now,
just thrown an exception if somebody tries to switch 'follow referrals'
option to True. IMHO this will prevent surprises in the future, because
it is absolutely clear that referrals are not followed.

IMO a comment is good enough. I don't think adding options that aren't used anywhere is a good thing to do.


Jan Cholasta

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