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Patch 0080 adds userClass attribute for users to IPA CLI.
Patch 0081 adds userClass attribute for users and hosts to the web UI.

Design page:

NACK to just extending posixAccount objectclass. This is a standard
defined by RFC 2307 and we cannot just simply extend and overwrite it as
we wish.
Uhh indeed this is a big No-no.

We will need to come up with some custom objectclass, like ipaUser. This
is the
reason why I wrote to ticket "A second goal of this ticket is to review
objectClass hierarchy of users and do changes if needed." so that we can
the best option where to place it.
userClass is used in ipaHost, so I guess it could be instead add to an
ipa objectclass. ipaObject might be used perhaps, otherwise we'll need a
new ipaUser objectlass.


If there are no objections to using the ipaObject objectclass, the attached
patches implement this approach.
After some thinking ipaObject is more generic than just users, not sure
that attaching userClass there is appropriate. I think we really need
ipaUser at this point.
+1. I also do not think that ipaObject is the right OC to place the
attribute, it is just too general.

Let's go with the ipaUser objectClass, looking something like that:

( <OID> NAME 'ipaUser' AUXILIARY MUST ( uid ) MAY ( userClass ) X-ORIGIN
'IPA v3' )

We will need to add the OC when needed, we cannot just add it to default
list. Ideally, we could also implement
in scope of this effort as this need to add additional OCs is piling up.

This implementation introduces a new objectclass 'ipaUser'.

The web UI patch needed an update as well, as we need to allow writing the
userClass attribute even when the ipaUser objectclass is not (yet) set on the
user object. Thanks Petr for pointing it out.

Attaching both patches again (the CLI patch has not changed since the last

ACK for Web UI patch (81-03)

80-03 seems good to me as well, but I don't feel strong about my ability to
judge correctness of ldap/ipalib part so I let somebody else to look at it.
Patch 80 rebased.

Patch 80 fixed to use the correct capitalization of 'objectClasses'.

Thanks! Works for me, tests pass, ACK.
Pushed to master: afbf528a838248f9c0a010c5be91faece1bbe743


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