Petr Viktorin wrote:
On 02/27/2014 10:18 PM, Rob Crittenden wrote:
Rob Crittenden wrote:
Updated patch based on feedback from Foreman team. I added a new URI,
/features, which Foreman uses to determine what capabilities a proxy has.


On my VMs, where the first request is handled properly but the server
hangs on the second one. I gave you access to the machines for

Sent you something out-of-band but in short, I wasn't able to reproduce on your reproducing VMs :-( Ping me tomorrow and we'll try it together.

Please add the Python libraries (python-cherrypy, python-requests,
python-kerberos) to BuildRequires. Otherwise the build fails due to
pylint errors.


In the man page:

+Create a host or user whose credentials will be used by the server to
make requests and add it to the role:
+ $ ipa user\-add \-\-first=Smartproxy \-\-last=Serversmartproxy
+ $ ipa role\-add\-member \-\-users=smartproxy 'Smartproxy management'

the first command should be
     ipa user-add smartproxy --first=Smartproxy --last=Serversmartproxy
since by default the username is 'sserversmartproxy'.

The problem was a missing space before smartproxy. I have the login name last in this example. Fixed.

A nitpick regarding the systemd service: according to [0], Type=forking
should be avoided. Is there a reason against setting Type=simple, and
removing the PID file?

Because I wasn't able to get this working with cherrypy daemon mode. AFAICT it forks itself and systemd wouldn't end up with the right pid so can't stop the service.


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