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Martin Basti wrote:
Hello list,

I need to use systemd mask/unmask in ipa service.

But as Honza wrote:
"IMO masking/unmasking should be part of disabling/enabling a service in
systemd. AFAIK in most other init systems when you disable a service, it
has the same effect as masking the service in systemd - it will never be
started until it is enabled/unmasked again. "

So my questions is, should be masking part of disabling service in
systemd, to be platform independent?
Or should we add mask/unmask methods to
ipaplatform.base.services.PlatformService where mask is alias for disable?


After reading http://0pointer.de/blog/projects/three-levels-of-off I
disagree that disabling in SysV is the same as masking in systemd,
though I guess it depends on the meaning of disable. According to that
page chkconfig off <service> is equivalent to systemctl disable
<service>.service, which is what we do now AFAIR.

I don't think that's entirely correct. They are equivalent mechanically (a symlink is added/removed when a service is enabled/disabled), but effectively they are different. AFAIK in SysV, services can be started either manually or automatically on boot and if you disable a service the only way it will start is when you do it manually. In systemd, there are more ways services can be started automatically (socket, D-Bus, etc.) and disabling a service will only disable automatic start *on boot*, but it can still be started automatically, which contrasts with what SysV does.

Why do you need to mask a service, e.g. render it completely unstartable?


Jan Cholasta

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