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On 17.10.2014 22:51, Endi Sukma Dewata wrote:
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Web UI part of:


Patch 767 is a little refactoring needed for $pre_op(as plain object)
work as intended even with instantiated objects + fixes a bug where
Evented objects were not considered a framework object.

Patch 768 switches tabs so we can hide it later

Patch 769 hides the tab

PAtch 770 is not really needed(would like to hear options whether to
include it). It's in effect only if user somehow manages to open
'Applies to hosts' facet for 'Default trust view'. Maybe redirection
would be better - if we need to act.

For some reason I don't see the Default Trust View in the
database/CLI/UI with a brand new server installation. Alexander
said he
will investigate on Monday.

The patches seem to be fine, I don't have any objections, feel free to
push. The missing Default Trust View is most likely unrelated to UI.

It should be added when you run ipa-adtrust-install.

OK, that fixed it. Some comments:

1. Shouldn't the Default Trust View entry be added during the initial
installation? Although it's unlikely to conflict with user-defined
entries, it's kind of strange to add a 'built-in' entry after the
initial installation.
It only can contain entries from the trusted domains. Adding it before
we can serve trusted domains, i.e. before ipa-adtrust-install, makes
it more complicated as users will not be able to add overrides to it.

On the other hand, users will not be able to add entries there until
actual trust is created so may be adding it as part of default
configuration, even before ipa-adtrust-install isn't a big issue at all,
if we would provide proper help/hint message.

I think the reasoning behind adding it as part of adtrust-install was
the following scenario, which can happen for IPA installs without
adtrust component.

1.) User installs IPA
2.) Tries to override some IPA users
3.) Sees "Default Trust View" and is confused, since he has no trusts or
no AD in his environment
Even after ipa-adtrust-install run you would still not be able to
resolve AD users unless trust is added. It does not mean we should move
creating 'Default Trust View' to the first trust.

What about filtering out 'Default Trust View' if no trusts are in place?
This would be a bit problematic for the case when you had trusts and
deleted them and currently have none of them but overrides are in place,
but at least it would be consistent -- you don't see default view and
you are not able to add there anything.

However, it raises another question: if no trusts exist right now but
there are some AD user overrides in any view, how would we display them?
We cannot resolve SIDs to names at this point so overrides will look
ugly anyway. We can use ipaOriginalUid for users but we don't have
anything like that for groups.

We actually add more built-in entries during the adtrust-install, e.g.
"Default SMB group".
We don't use these entries in the UI, so they don't create any specific
/ Alexander Bokovoy

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