On 15/12/14 23:01, Simo Sorce wrote:
Hello fellow developers, I added this new design:

It is a prerequisite for both the Replica Promotion design:
and the Topology plugins design:
(Ludwig will change this to include the changes we have discussed in a
previous phone call, and which involve mostly Domain Level/Domain
Upgrades/migrations issues)

As usual feel free to add as needed or comments and ask questions.


I have a question, how domain levels are related to IPA Upgrade?

Will we able to run LDAP update after increasing domain level, if new feature requires some LDAP data modification?

Or we just do upgrade as we do now, and new code has to be able to handle data in both new and old way.

For example:
Forwardzone feature, old "forwardzones" and new forwardzones are not compatible. It requires to change LDAP data, move fake "forwardzones" to new objectclass. This should happen after increasing domain level. Are we able to do that? (In current upgrade, forwardzones are hidden in old replicas, user should use only new replica to add/del/mod forwardzones)


Martin Basti

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