On 13/03/15 10:18, Martin Kosek wrote:
On 03/12/2015 05:10 PM, Rob Crittenden wrote:
Petr Spacek wrote:
On 12.3.2015 16:23, Rob Crittenden wrote:
David Kupka wrote:
On 03/06/2015 06:00 PM, Martin Basti wrote:
Upgrade plugins which modify LDAP data directly should not be executed
in --test mode.

This patch is a workaround, to ensure update with --test option will not
modify any LDAP data.


Patch attached.

Ideally we want to fix all plugins to dry-run the upgrade not just skip
when there is '--test' option but it is a good first step.
Works for me, ACK.

I agree that this breaks the spirit of --test and think it should be
fixed before committing.

Considering how often is the option is used ... I do not think that this requires 'proper' fix now. It was broken for *years* so this patch is a huge improvement and IMHO should be commited in current form. We can re-visit it
later on, open a ticket :-)

No. There is no rush for this, at least not for the promise of a future
fix that will never come.

I checked the code and to me, the proper fix looks like instrumenting ldap.update_entry calls in upgrade plugins with

if options.test:
   log message
   do the update

right? I see just couple places that would need to be updated:

$ git grep -E "(ldap|conn).update_entry" ipaserver/install/plugins
ipaserver/install/plugins/dns.py: ldap.update_entry(container_entry)
ipaserver/install/plugins/fix_replica_agreements.py: repl.conn.update_entry(replica) ipaserver/install/plugins/fix_replica_agreements.py: repl.conn.update_entry(replica)
ipaserver/install/plugins/update_idranges.py: ldap.update_entry(entry)
ipaserver/install/plugins/update_idranges.py: ldap.update_entry(entry)
ipaserver/install/plugins/update_managed_permissions.py: ldap.update_entry(base_entry) ipaserver/install/plugins/update_managed_permissions.py: ldap.update_entry(entry)
ipaserver/install/plugins/update_pacs.py: ldap.update_entry(entry)
ipaserver/install/plugins/update_referint.py: ldap.update_entry(entry)
ipaserver/install/plugins/update_services.py: ldap.update_entry(entry)
ipaserver/install/plugins/update_uniqueness.py: ldap.update_entry(uid_uniqueness_plugin)

So from my POV, very quick fix. In that case, I would also prefer a fix now than a ticket that would never be done.

And ldap.add_entry, del_entry, ipa add/mod/del commands

Martin Basti

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