On 28/04/2015 19:08 PM, Young, Adam wrote:
> I think  I am in alignment with what you are saying.  
> I like  rsyslogd as the basic "ship the log off the server" tool.
Let's use what the platform support first
> natively and formost;  We want something native, not Ruby, not even
Python if we can avoid it, for the normal 
> case.  Bumping up to logstash for more complex host-side rules might
be fine.  Remember, the Hosts side of
> integration with FreeIPA is sssd.
> Logstash can be the server side of the audit collection as well, and
then it puts fewer demands on the server.
> We need to ensure that the audit data can be sent over a GSSAPI
protected pathway.  

Absolutely - this is something I need to get round to.  Concentrated on
getting the data back and in a good state
for a start.  Figured I'd get round to securing stuff at a later point.

> On the IPA side, I would think we would register the audit server as a
host, and have  specific service entires
> for the protocols supported.  
> Would you see IPA owning the audit server, or just integrating in with
an existing one?

I've built mine completely separately and then brought them closer
together by running Logstash on the IPA server.
Not sure if there should be an exclusive ownership going on.  IPA could
create an initial setup, but there's huge
room for creating more complex systems that IPA might want to leave well

> I don't think the IPA server itself should be the ELK server for
obvious reasons. I would love to see the ELK
> server supported along the lines of how we do a replica setup.

ELK is trivial to set up as a simple cluster.  It gets more complicated
to do it "properly", but what I've got
going at the moment fits along the trivial lines, but provides an
extremely robust database.

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