On 5.6.2015 16:28, Innes, Duncan wrote:
> Not sure how you'd do that to be fair.  But if it's possible to parse
> the data coming back from the DNS _SRV_ query, couldn't all the
> potential
> IPA servers be included for rsyslog failover?

I would rather use SRV records from _syslog._udp.$IPADOMAIN instead of
creating dependency logging<->IPA servers.

Of course, this new set of SRV records can be identical to SRV records for
Kerberos if you wish, but it gives us more flexibility in long term.

> If all my remote servers are down, my failover reverts to /dev/null, so
> no data will be written to disk if I'm isolated.
> That's for rsyslog of course.  I'm also working on getting 
> systemd-journal-upload to send direct to logstash (hopefully with the
> http input plugin).

Petr^2 Spacek

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