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Patch attached.

Is this going to be a shock on upgrades for people who until now may be
relying on the fact that there is no limit?

Not making any point, but have to note: Ludwig raised a question on users list but there was no feedback from users.


Should there be a way for an admin to manage this, via the config module

IMHO this is a significant change and red flags need to be raised so
users are aware of it.


IIUC there is purge delay 7 days, so if changelog max age is 7 or more days, it will not break replication.
The issue is if somebody uses changelog for different purpose, right?
Well the replication changelog can not be used for anything else but the multimaster replication plugin. If a customer increased the replication purge delay you could potentially run into issues, but again this only comes into play when a replica is down for a very long time. I'm not sure if IPA even provides the option to adjust the replication purge delay, but that doesn't mean a customer can not adjust these settings on their own.


I'm attaching new patch, that modifies behavior of 'addifnew' keyword in update files.
addifnew will no create new entry if doesn't exist.
This is required for proper working of patch 292

Rob are you okay with these patches, as Mark wrote, changelog is used only for replication plugins, so it should not cause any issues to users.


These patches are ready to be reviewed.
I'm just not sure if would be better to have replication changelog max age 8days, just to be sure. Should I explicitly set purge delay to 7days, or are we fine with 7days as default?
I think 7d is a quite common setting, so it should be ok
7 days for changelog max age, or for purge delay, or for both?
Should I explicitly set purge delay then?

I'm thinking about the case when admin changed purge delay before upgrade, IMO I should check this value and set same value for changelog max age or don't upgrade changelog.

Martin Basti

Martin Basti

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