On Sun, 2016-02-21 at 20:20 -0500, Nathaniel McCallum wrote:
> https://github.com/npmccallum/freeipa/pull/1
> The above (pseudo) pull request contains four patches against FreeIPA
> to enable the insertion of Authentication Indicators into Kerberos
> tickets. The basic flow looks like this.
> First, we patch ipa-pwd-extop to return a control indicating what
> authentication method succeeded resulting in a successful bind.
> Second, we patch ipa-otpd to check the returned control to ensure that
> the bind resulted from an otp validation.
> Third, we patch ipa-kdb to enable the KDC to return either the
> encrypted timestamp or encrypted challenge preauth mechanism when the
> user is configured for optional 2FA logins. Clients can then decide
> whether to do 1FA or 2FA login (for kinit, sane behavior already
> exists).
> Forth, we patch ipa-kdb again to insert hard-coded authentication
> indicators for either OTP or RADIUS.
> Some explanation is required for the first two patches. Currently, it
> is possible to do a 1FA through the otp preauthentication mechanism if
> the user is configured for doing optional 2FA. However, because we want
> to insert an authentication indicator in this code path, we need to
> guarantee that a request going through the otp preauth mechanism
> actually validates an OTP. This is the purpose of the control.
> Items still on the TODO list:
>   * Authentication Indicator enforcement
>     - Upstream libkrb5 needs to grow funcs for reading indicators
>     - Schema change to add indicators multi-value attr to services
>     - ipa-kdb needs to implement check_policy_tgs()
>   * SSSD needs to learn to handle optional 2FA
> I will write up a project page for all of this tomorrow. But this small
> code basically amounts to my brainstorming. It is not ready for merge,
> just basic review.

It looks mostly ok, however the LDAP control part needs to be done as a
request/response pair.
A client that wishes to know what kind of authentication happened should
send a request control, and only in that case , the server will send the
associated reply control with the requested information.


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