On 1.3.2016 20:36, Rob Crittenden wrote:
Martin Basti wrote:

On 01.03.2016 20:13, Rob Crittenden wrote:
Martin Basti wrote:

Patch attached.

Would it be safer to integrate this into ipa-upgrade itself? You'd just
need to return 0 for the case where IPA isn't installed.

How about the case when ipa-server-upgrade is called by user from CLI?
It should fail because IPA is not installed, instead of returning
success. That check is in specfile anyway due service restart.


Yeah, I was hoping you'd miss that :-)

It just seems to me, as you point out, that it should check when run by
anything, user or spec, so adding it only to the spec seems wrong. I'm
not a huge fan of option bloat but that would be one way around this,
--graceful-exit or something. Could make it a hidden option if you wanted.

I don't think adding the option is worth the effort, as we will be soon moving away from running the upgrade script directly from the spec file to a service based solution (#4552, #5373).

Jan Cholasta

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