On (09/03/16 15:22), Jan Pazdziora wrote:
>On Wed, Mar 09, 2016 at 02:57:07PM +0100, Petr Vobornik wrote:
>> I didn't realize that pvoborni/freeipa is still used by somebody and not a
>> personal testing repo - it was created at a time when @freeipa group didn't
>> exist.
>> For testing, please use
>>     @freeipa/freeipa-4-3  for stable 4.3 release
>Thank you, that works. The only minor drawback is that
>pvoborni/freeipa-4-3 used to be announced as official repo while this
>one says
>       This *will* be the official COPR repository
>suggesting it is not yet considered official.
>> In a near future
>>     @freeipa/freeipa-4-3-centos7  will contain CentOS build of 4.3
>Should I cast some preference, it'd be nice to have the CentOS builds
>in @freeipa/freeipa-4-3 as well. The copr repo can have multiple
>releases (there already are Fedora 23, 24, and rawhide) and adding
>CentOS there instead to separate location could increase visibility
>and decrease confusion.
Yes, it can have multiple release but freeipa-4.3 requires
many dependencies which are not in CentOS 7
I would prefer if these dependencies were not in @freeipa/freeipa-4-3
but in separate copr repos which can be maintained by domain experts.
e.g. we have our sssd repo

And it's simpler to describe details of externla repo on front page of


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