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The canvas of the graph had static size. This patch fixes this issue
and from now the graph canvas is resized according to the window

Pavel Vomacka

Because of changes in previous patch I'm sending also this one again.
Plus I fixed some jslint warnings.

And again a link to the ticket:
https://fedorahosted.org/freeipa/ticket/5647 .

Pavel^3 Vomacka

And another change in the code. This patch adds checking whether a svg
element even exists. And don't add 'col-sm-12' class to the svg
any more. This class just added useless paddings to the element.

Pavel^3 Vomacka


thanks for the patch.

thank you for reviewing.

1. I don't like the fact that the resize handler registered in
initialize method is active forever, even when viewing other facets.
I moved the handler to the topology graph facet. It is also removed
after hide event is emited.
2. The code will probably fail if there is other svg element present
on the page.

$('svg') searches for all svg elements in DOM, such search is usually
slow and undeterministic. It is better to use a stored reference(if
possible) or limit the search to some parent element, e.g. TopoGraph
can store and then use its container.

Would be funny if there were 2 graphs.
Yep, you are right. I avoid using this type of searching in this patch.

3. Why is there the toFixed(1) call? Or more specifically on that
position? It hides the fact that toFixed transforms Number to String
and then '-' operator with Number on the right casts it back to Number.
The toFixed(1) was used just because we don't need so accurate numbers,
but in this patch this function is not used any more.

4. width could be just: this._svg.parent().width()
The width is now solved by using this.content.width() in topology graph
facet. I think that the calculating of width and height should be at the
same place. That is why I didn't put calculating of width into the

5. Your approach for bottom padding works well but I don't like that
the component assumes that there is some col-sm-12 element on a page
whose right padding is actually equal to space on the left of the svg.
I agree, fixed.

#1 and #5 makes me think that the resize logic should be moved
topology facet. Something like:

* register resize handler on facet's 'show' event
* unregister resize handler on facet's 'hide' event (will solve #1)
* on window resize, compute the size in topology facet, call new
.resize(width, height) method of TopoGraph

Then, we wouldn't have to search whole DOM for 'svg' elements to check
if page is visible. The bottom padding can be obtained by:
parseInt(this.content.css('paddingLeft')) where 'this' is facet.

I followed these tips and here is a new patch.

Pavel^3 Vomacka

-    width: 960,
-    height: 500,

Graph even without this patch allows to set initial size in a
constructor, e.g.:

E.g. so he could also use:
  this.graph = new topology_graph.TopoGraph({
     nodes: data.nodes,
     links: data.links,
     suffixes: data.suffixes
     height: height,
     width: width

IMO we should leave some default size there, e.g. the old 960x500 so
that the graph is shown even without explicit configuration.

Ok, I put the default size back, but into graph specification as you
write here.

Ah, I badly expressed myself, sorry. I wanted to leave the original code on its place(TopoGraph). The above was just example what is possible with or without the change because it is not obvious from code.

-    update: function() {
+    update: function(height, width) {

Update method should not required size params. E.g. if it should
trigger only data update. So it should contain at least a doc string
that the values are optional. Maybe it should be a single param.

These parameters are not required so I add doc string and also changed
them to single param.

Looks good.

Pavel^3 Vomacka

Petr Vobornik

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