On Tue, 28 Jun 2016, Milan Kubík wrote:
It's real packaging bug and have to be fixed.

The same files are owned by two packages even though one depens on other.
Milan, please fiel a fedora bug.

[root@5946ca9bf02b /]# rpm -q pki-server pki-base

[root@5946ca9bf02b /]# rpm -ql pki-base | grep pkiparser.py

[root@5946ca9bf02b /]# rpm -ql pki-server | grep pkiparser.py
This is not a real bug:

In most cases, it should not be necessary for multiple packages to
contain identical copies of the same file. However, if it is necessary,
multiple packages may contain identical copies of the same file, as long
as the following requirements are met:

  The packages sharing ownership of the identical files are built from
a single SRPM.

  The packages sharing ownership of the identical files are not in a
dependency chain (e.g. if package A requires package B, they should not
both contain identical files, either A or B must own the common files,
but not both.) 

The bug here is that they come from different repositories and thus from
the dnf/yum point of view are built from different source packages.

[root@5946ca9bf02b /]# rpm -q --requires pki-server | grep pki
pki-base = 10.3.3-1.fc24
pki-base-java = 10.3.3-1.fc24
pki-tools = 10.3.3-1.fc24


The bug is exactly the violation of the second clause. pki-server requires pki-base while both own the files.
Right -- what I wanted to point is that the conflict you get from dnf is
not due to violating this policy, it is due to the files ownership
coming from subpackages built from different source packages. Package
policy violations are not always (not in this case) enforced by

/ Alexander Bokovoy

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