On 21.07.2016 12:24, Ganna Kaihorodova wrote:

Thank you for review and notes about patch format. I will keep it in mind.

I agree that this is not the best way to fix it and I was about to bring up 
topic of strange behavior of named/bind-dyndb-ldap.
Because without restart named service I have one number of failing tests and 
after restart different number. This is happening for me randomly, I never know 
when I need to restart service.

I really don't like using 'ipa-ca.<ipadomain>' domain name as server name, this 
is not right.
Can you please, explain me why?
ipa-ca contains A records of IPA servers that are installed with CA subsystem. There is no guarantee that server is installed with CA, so ipa-ca record may not be there at all.
Also it does not look nice, because it is unrelated to CA.

So if it's not too much trouble for you, maybe you can give me some advice's 
how to investigate such kind of issues, at least some basic stuff, like what to 
check, where to look and etc.
It can be a letter or in a format of 1 hour meeting or presentation (I think it 
will be good to all members of our team to understand better how our dns plugin 
works and how to troubleshoot it)
And it seems like I will spend some time with tests for our dns-plugin, and It 
will be really great to know more about it.

Thank you and have a nice day!
It depends from case to case, I don't have any 'works for everything' solution. Usually, I run tests with --pdb option, that pause testing after each fail and I connect to machine and I try to find why.

Feel free to ask if you need help with something particular.

Best regards,
Ganna Kaihorodova
Associate Software Quality Engineer

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On 19.07.2016 17:45, Ganna Kaihorodova wrote:

Fix for ipatests/test_xmlrpc/test_dns_plugin.py 

You can't have a DNS zone with the authoritative nameserver that does not have 
a A or AAAA record in the local DNS.
Not true

   Since in some test environments primary hostname of the master is managed by 
an external DNS, this hostname can not be used as a NS-record for IPA-managed 
zones. Therefore another existing fqdn corresponding to the master's ip and 
managed by IPA DNS was used.
I really don't like using 'ipa-ca.<ipadomain>' domain name as server
name, this is not right.

I was digging deeper today to find what is the root case why it doesn't
work, and it looks that after some tests, named is not able to resolve
hostname, even if global forwarder is specified.
So this looks like bug on named/bind-dyndb-ldap side, because when I
restarted named-pkcs11 before the first test that is failing and all
forwardzone tests passed.

So I think this patch just hides the real issue and we should discard
it. I and pspacek will be continue investigating this tomorrow.

Notes to the patch format:

Please split that huge text in commit message to:

short summary (max 72 chars)
empty line
longer description
empty line
[ticket (if available)]


Best regards,
Ganna Kaihorodova
Associate Software Quality Engineer

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